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Aquil Abdullah is Senior Data Analyst/Software Developer at CargoMetrics. With a distinguished career in software, he advises Blue Water Metrics on software challenges in its cloud architecture.

Kevin Frost is a Technical Sales & Support Associate at Nortek, a Norwegian sensor company. With Masters degrees in Engineering from the University of Florida and Ocean Engineering from Texas A&M, Kevin is Blue Water Metrics' key adviser on sensor solutions.


Glen Gawarkiewicz is an Associate Scientist is the Physical Oceanography Department of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. He is a well-respected coastal oceanographer with experience in international oceanographic issues and crowdsourced scientific missions.

Iain McFadyen is Senior Director of Computational Sciences at Moderna Therapeutics. Iain provides a unique blend of experience within data science and across sectors to help Blue Water Metric's cross-sectoral data work.


Adam Tebbe is Director, Informatics & IT at Goldfinch Bio. A respected practioner in software engineering, he advises Blue Water Metrics on its software and cloud computing architecture.

Chris Rezendes is Managing Director of the Internet of Things (IoT) Impact Labs in New Bedford, Massachusetts and a General Partner in IoT Capital Partners, a Boston-based venture capital firm focused on the Internet of Things. He is a leading voice in the IoT industry and provides Blue Water Metrics with technical expertise on IoT sensors.