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Aquil Abdullah is Senior Data Analyst/Software Developer at CargoMetrics. With a distinguished career in software, he advises Blue Water Metrics on software challenges in its cloud architecture.

Kevin Frost is a Technical Sales & Support Associate at Nortek, a Norwegian sensor company. With Masters degrees in Engineering from the University of Florida and Ocean Engineering from Texas A&M, Kevin is Blue Water Metrics' key adviser on sensor solutions.


Glen Gawarkiewicz is an Associate Scientist is the Physical Oceanography Department of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. He is a well-respected coastal oceanographer with experience in international oceanographic issues and crowdsourced scientific missions.

Iain McFadyen is Senior Director of Computational Sciences at Moderna Therapeutics. Iain provides a unique blend of experience within data science and across sectors to help Blue Water Metric's cross-sectoral data work.


Doug Raymond is the Head of Advertiser Experience, Performance Advertising at Amazon. An alumnus of Google and an Army veteran, he has years of experience as a product manager and corporate operations.

Chris Rezendes is Managing Director of the Internet of Things (IoT) Impact Labs in New Bedford, Massachusetts and a General Partner in IoT Capital Partners, a Boston-based venture capital firm focused on the Internet of Things. He is a leading voice in the IoT industry and provides Blue Water Metrics with technical expertise on IoT sensors.


Adam Tebbe is the Senior Software Engineer at Immuneering Corporation. A respected practioner in software engineering, he advises Blue Water Metrics on its software and cloud computing architecture.