Blue Water Metrics leverages technology, both old and new, to deliver its revolutionary data stream. It's citizen science made easy.


Advanced Sensors

Blue Water Metrics utilizes off-the-shelf sensors to keep costs low while delivering quality data. These sensors are adapted to Blue Water Metrics' unique operating environment. Our sensors need to be long-lasting, accurate in all operating conditions, and hardy enough to withstand constant exposure to salt water.

Container Ship.JPG

Vessel Partners

Blue Water Metrics' sensors are carried by our array of vessel partners in the shipping, fishing, and ferry industries. Blue Water Metrics leverages these vessels' sunk operational costs to radically reduce the expense of acquiring ocean health data. This makes data more affordable to all those who consume it.


Cloud Database

Our sensors are paired with a power cloud database which automatically harvests the data through a combination of WiFi, cellular, LORA, and satellite connections. This setup allows vessel operators to go about their daily missions without extra effort. The cloud allows for quick distribution of data, ensuring it gets to consumers in a timely fashion.