Blue Water Metrics leverages technology, both old and new, to deliver its revolutionary data stream. It's citizen science made easy.



Ocean science is hampered by a patchwork of databases. Blue Water Metrics will develop a cloud database and software which can house the data from these disparate places in one location for the world's scientists and industry professionals to use.


Blue Water Metrics will partner with existing ocean health data feeds to populate its database. These partners will come from national governments, research institutions, and nonprofits which currently generate ocean health data. Blue Water Metrics will also partner with ocean-going vessels that have sophisticated on-board sensors to add them to the global research fleet.


Blue Water Metrics will deploy new sensors on ocean-going vessels which do not currently gather data. Currently under development with partners in the sensor industry, these deployments will attach a vessel's engine intake and integrate with technology on the vessel's bridge to transmit ocean health data to our database. These sensors will be designed so that the vessel operators will not need to do any work or maintenance, preserving time for their primary jobs without inconvenience.