Blue Water Metrics is changing how we gather ocean data

Harnessing the world's best sensors, Blue Water Metrics supplies unmatched insights into our oceans. Blue Water Metrics partners with ocean-going vessels including cargo ships, fishing boats, and ferries, to gather ground-truth data on ocean health. These data will be instrumental in understanding some of the biggest environmental challenges of the 21st Century, including climate change, ocean acidification, and disappearing fish stocks.


Blue Water Metrics work extends beyond instrumenting ships with sensors to gather data. The greatest challenges of our day cannot be solved by silver bullets; it takes marshaling the efforts of every stakeholder to enact change. This is why Blue Water Metrics is building a coalition of government agencies, private ventures, and non-profit institutions whose interests focus on the oceans. By leveraging the strengths and resources of each type of institution, Blue Water Metrics will build a global network that can be used for anyone trying to improve our oceans.