Bringing the Internet of Things to Citizen Science

Blue Water Metrics' mission is to build a global ocean monitoring system through cloud technology, building partnerships, and deploying new sensors. Harnessing a new wave of enthusiasm to protect our oceans and the advent of advanced oceanographic sensors, Blue Water Metrics will build a new ocean monitoring system for the world's scientists and maritime industries to tackle some of the biggest environmental challenges of the 21st Century, including climate change, ocean acidification, and strained fish stocks. We are bringing the Internet of Things revolution to ocean science.

Blue Water Metrics achieves this through three lines of effort:

  1. Develop a unified cloud database which can extract data from around the world and distribute it to the scientists and industries which use them for social good.
  2. Partner with research institutions and volunteer organizations which gather data from specific industries or regions.
  3. Deploy new sensors on ocean-going vessels to gather ground-truth data

To learn more about our mission and organization, take a look at our Media page.

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